For Hazel’s birthday our good friend Chris got her a year long membership to the Kohl’s Children’s Museum.  It is a adorable place and I am ashamed to say we have not taken full advantage of our membership.  This was only our second trip since receiving it in December.  However, it is quite a drive north, about 45 minutes.  Today I decided to make the trek;  Phillip is out of town, we have a few days before heading back to school, and a day with nothing on the schedule, perfect!  

Hazel loved the museum.  It took her a few minutes to warm up with all of the kids running and yelling around her.  Eventually she was one of them.  I do have one funny/embarrassing story from the day:

There was a little area with a mirrors , tables, sponges and what looked like crayons.  I didn’t read the directions and thought we were to scribble on the tables.  I traced Hazel’s hand, wrote our names, and various other doodles.  Shortly there after a man came over and asked us to leave.  I thought it was because they were removing gum from the floor near by and were spraying some chemicals on it.  We moved on, no questions asked.  Then when we passed back by on our way out there were children occupying the exhibit, painting their faces with the face painting crayons!  Apparently, we were not to explore by drawing on the tables, but on our bodies.  I felt pretty foolish to not have read the directions posted both in written and picture form, for even the littlest guests to understand.  Funnily enough the whole time we sat there (me drawing on the table) Hazel was coloring on her hand.  I thought “what a silly girl.”

Now and Then

kohls blog 1  kohls 8












playing in the music room

playing in the music room

playing in the water room

playing in the water room

making the feathers swirl!

making the feathers swirl!


on the milk jug scale

on the milk jug scale


4 thoughts on “Kohl’s Children’s Museum

  1. I wanted to see a picture of the table you wrote on…hahahaha. Too funny. I would have loved to know what that employee was thinking…..hahaaha. (I am laughing out loud for real, sorry.)

  2. You are one of the most hilarious people I know. If I were you, I would have blamed that story on “baby-brain”. 😉

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