I never had cravings with Hazel, largely due to the intense nausea throughout,; I never wanted to eat much of anything at all.  With this baby, however, I am having the crazy pregnancy cravings.  Let me give you some examples of some of the delicious delicacies I have been desiring:

  • Garbanzo beans and chedder cheese,
  • chicken pad thai and crab rangoon,
  • drinks with lots and lots of ice
  • “The Wreck” , sandwich from Potbelly’s with lots of hot peppers (which I never even liked before).  I want this morning, noon, and night.
  • Kelloggs “Smart Start” cereal ( I have at least two bowls a day of that stuff)!
  • Chocolate covered pretzels

Funny story:  Before we had announced we were prgnant and had just told a few family members, my dad and I were at Jimmy Johns.  They asked everyone that went through the line if they wanted a pickel with their sandwich order.  When they asked us my dad laughed and said “They must know!  (then, to the guy at the register) She is pregnant!”  Though a stereotypical prego craving, I declined the pickel offer.  When our sandwich order was ready I went to pick it up and there was a pickel wrapped up in the bundle with the sandwhiches.  I looked at the guy weirdly and he smiled and winked.  As it turned out, once we got back to the car I didn’t have much of a taste for my sandwhich, but I did eat the entire free pickle and it was devine!


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