No pictures this week, I have been lazy and tired.  I do have some fun Hazel stories to share.  

Monday morning on the way to work we were listening to Hazel’s favorite kids cd and I was singing in my best vibrato to Yankee Doodle, when I finished Hazel clapped and said “good job mommy”


This morning after Hazel woke up way too early we brought her to bed with us.  She immediately called Dora up onto the bed as well.  As she was pet/hit/snuggling Dora I asked her to sing Dora a song, she started belting her ABC”s and sang them flawlessly (and pretty much on key might I add), from beginning to end.  She even sang the “Now I know my ABC’s” part.” Although it sounds more like “now-wry-know-my- ABC’s, nest-i’m-wone-you seen wi meeeeee.”  She also was singing the days of the week to Phillip this morning, must be something they are teaching at school.


Two nights ago I went in to check on Hazel and she was passed out bare bottom naked in her crib.  she had finaggled her pants and diaper off.  I managed to slip her pants back on but opted to forgo the diaper for the rest of the night.  I mean who wants to wake a sleeping naked baby?

Then last night I went in to check on her and she was alseep on her back with one hand stretched above her head and the other resting tucked in her pants.  Much like the typical male napping pose.  


A 21 month old, puts it all into perspective………….

Two separate nights this past week, after picking up Hazel from Daycare, as we were driving away from the school she said clear as day “I miss you mommy”.  

Talk about tugging on the heart strings.  Although I love my job, the families we work with and my wonderful co-worker, my family comes first.  My baby misses me!!  We have some tough decisions to make in the next couple months!


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