I think if Hazel were to take the “Strengths Finder Test” at this point in her life, her number one strength would be “Includer”.  

*For those of you who didn’t go to Greenville College, here is a brief explanation:  Upon entry into the institution one had to take a “Strengths Inventory.”  The idea, in theory, was that our education thereafter would be based around our individual strengths.  End summary of “The Strengths Finder.”  

Anyway, it was mostly viewed as a joke, but secretly I loved it.  

Now I always ponder what any individual’s “number one” might be.  

At 21 months, Hazel is definitely an Includer ( or a Ms. Bossy pants, but includer sounds nicer).  Every activity, whether it be reading a book, eating a meal, sitting on the potty, or swinging at the park, she tries to include everyone she can.  At dinner she pulls the closest chair in towards her and says “mommy sit down”, when she is on her little potty she demands “mommy poo poo” and points to the “big potty.”  She will pat the floor next to her when she is simply sitting.  Non-verbally communicating that she would like to include someone else in her activity, whatever it may be.  At the park she constantly says “mommy swing.”  However once I explained that I was too big for the baby swing so now she catches herself and says “mommy swing?  Too big.”  Tonight she grabbed her blanket from her crib and two pillows from the couch and said “mommy lay down.”  All too eagerly I snuggled up beside my very inclusive daughter and snuck a few kisses and hugs ….


Hazel the "Includer"

Hazel the "Includer"


3 thoughts on “The Includer

  1. I also loved the strengths finder. And I think “Inclusiveness” is an excellent strength to have, especially at such a young age!

  2. love it…. and I love that you look for her strengths and everyone else’s for that matter. You’re an amazing mom with such an amazing daughter! Love you!

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