This was my last week of working after deciding not to send Hazel back to childcare where she had become something of a chew toy for the other kids.  My very generous mother-in-law offered to watch Hazel while I finished my last week of work.  Patty came and stayed with us for a week and watched Hazel during the day.  I learned that we can do our best to protect our children, but accidents will still happen.  Thursday, while playing on her trike (aka, Ghetto rider) she took a spill into the side of the house.  Now, Scar Face, as we have affectionately come to call her, has a bit of a Harry Potteresque gash on her cheek.  It doesn’t seem to bother her one bit and the doctor said she doesn’t think it will scar, but of course only time will tell.  I thought I should mention why Hazel has this, very noticeable, wound as I post the pictures from our weekend fun with Me Ma and Pa Pa.  

scar face


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