Tonight just before bed….

Me:  “Hazel would you like a brother or sister”

Hazel:  “brodder or seeter”

Me:  “Do you want a boy or a girl?”

Hazel:  “Boy O girr”

Me:  “Well pick which one you want”

Hazel:  “flashlight”

I figure she is either very unbiased or simply does not want a sibling.


3 thoughts on “Insight from Hazel

  1. I think she made her point perfectly clear. She wants a flashlight. How do you not get that? By the way… my son won’t say his real name. If we ask him who he is, he says “Jah-Jah.” Thanks, Hazel. Jah-Jah Jack Scowcroft….. Great. Apparently he values her opinion more than mine.

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