This week has been like a wild roller coaster ride of knowledge, confusion, stress and finally peace.  Where to start….Lets see, it all began that faithful night in the ER when the doctor confirmed that I had a very probable chance of being able to have this next baby naturally, after my current doctor cabashed that idea several weeks back.  It has been a race against the clock because as of 6 pm today I would no longer have been able to change my doctor.  With our HMO we can only change providers at the first of a month and not beyond 27 weeks pregnant, so if I waited till December 1st, I would be in my 27th week and ineligible for a doctor change, pretty redicuouls I know.  What if you are unhappy with your care?  Answer: You are stuck.  Anyway, I contacted a friend in the know of the chicagoland mom and baby scene and she connected me to some very valuable resources.  The local La Leche League  leader as well as the leader of ICAN (International Cecarean Awareness Network) in my area,   another long-time Doula and several other referrals.  Suffice to say, I was on the phone… a lot.  The end outcome….I have chosen an extreemly reputable group of midwives very supportive of VBAC’s.  It seemes the options were either entirely medical or entirely organic, so I am going to try the natural route.  I will be delivering in a ABC room (Alternative Birthing Center) where there will be a birthing pool, a birthing ball and several other “natural” birthing options.  Normal delivery rooms are just down the hall so if I need an epidural they will simply move me to one of those.   I would very much like to have a Doula to help me along this untraveled road and have a meeting at the house with “Doula Debbie” next Tuesday, I hope our meet and greet goes well!  Then my first appointment with one of the midwives will be Wednesday.  I hope this transition is an easy one and a good fit.

6 thoughts on “Hippy Alert!

  1. Amanda, I wish you the best of luck as you change courses! I had a c-section too and had always hoped I wouldn’t be confined to another. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

  2. Good for you! I wish there was something like that around here. I’d love to give a good honest try the natural way (with all those resources) and still know there’s an epidural around the corner if I need it. You’re one cool Mama!

  3. Woohoo! Love it. You know in England and NZ doctors don’t deliver the baby and you don’t see a doctor during your pregnancy, its always a midwife. But I love the birthing pools! Have you ever seen a water birth? Those are the coolest. I want one. Love you.

  4. I am excited for you!! I had Gavin at a freestanding birth center with a midwife and although I had Brenna at the hospital, I had a doula who was wonderful. Made a huge difference in my experience. You are going to do great!

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