Pebbles 2

Pebbles and Fred

The Fred costume was my brother’s from at least 12 Halloween’s ago.  My mom made it and I was Wilma that year, although, unfortunately she didn’t keep that one.  So we had a mother-less Pebbles.  We did have to take the stitching out on the sides of the Fred costume since Phillip is a tad bigger than my 8 year-old brother was.

Since most of Phillip’s cousins have babies around the same age we thought it would be fun to get them all together and trick-or-treat at a few scheduled stops.  The wee ones were so cute in their costumes and it is always fun to watch them play together.  

Pebbles 1

Little Pebbles, what a cutie

Pebbles 3

this was the best "group" shot I could muster

Pebbles 4

We were trying to feed her as she played, hence the messy face

Pebbles 5

"That's it?" Getting candy from Pastor Phil

Pebbles 6

Cutie busy bee, Hailey

Pebbles 7

Hazel "helping" with baby Scout

Pebbles 8

taking a quick break to catch some of the game


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