Time-outs are generally viewed and used as a punishment in most cases.   However, tonight, after Hazel pulled Dora’s ear for the hundredth time, I sternly asked her “Do you want to take a time out?”  To which she replied “yes.”  Then she scurried away, I thought, to avoid the impending punishment. A few seconds later she came clunking into the hallway with a chair she had grabbed from her room.  She set it down, facing the wall, sat down, and said “time out.”  I set the clock for one minute and, besides being mildly distracted by the heaping pile of laundry, she took her punishment well.



taking her one minute "time out"

 That white thing around her waist is my “Belly Band”  which she found on the floor in our bedroom.  It is basically an elastic belt that enables pregnant women to wear their normal jeans longer since the belt is placed over the zipper and button that no longer come close to reaching their counter parts.  Anywho.  She wore it around all night saying “mommy’s, boo boo’s” (She thinks it is a bra).  She tried to wear it as such, but it kept falling down.  



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