Even if it only lasted a few days, the weather this past weekend was nicer than most this past summer here in Chicago.  We spent our days outside taking walks, wagon rides, at the park, lake and bike trails and eating ice cream.   

I have to say “The Plush Horse”, our end of the summer find, is one of our favorite places now.  It is a quaint little ice cream shop just a few miles down the road from us, but off the beaten track.  They make all of their own ice cream and it is wonderful, they even have “baby cones,” perfect for Hazel. Although,  Hazel’s favorite part is NOT the ice cream, but rather the life-size white horse in the middle of the parlor.  She runs in a heads straight to the fake horse.  When we asked her if she wanted ice cream she said “go see horse!”  I couldn’t believe she remembered that!  We had to actually make her come and sit down to eat her ice cream, which felt a little wrong to me.   I should also mention the first time we went they gave us our ice cream for free, with the promise of our loyal patronage.   

nice weather 1

Hazel:"Come here geese!" She didn't understand why they wouldn't listen

nice weather 2

daddy cleaning the goose poop off the tires, Hazel making the "stank" eye

nice weather 3

watching daddy

nice weather 4

enjoying her ice cream exactly one second before daddy caught the scoop as it fell from the cone

nice weather 5

resorting to a (less cute) cup, though perhaps a bit more practical

nice weather 7

Thanksgiving scene set up outside the ice cream shop

nice weather 8

and another...


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