Don’t worry this thesquibb3.wordpress.com will still be our main source for family journaling.  However, I have been informend of a way to possibly make a little cash on the side through posting ads on my blog.  Wordpress doesn’t allow it so I started a new blog on blogspot.com.  It is primarily going to be story telling about the more humorous happenings in our day to day lives.  I love to write and this new blog will be an outlet for that. Anyway, if you want to help the Squibb3 make a little extra moula simply click on the ads down the right sidebar of the page.  You DO NOT need to buy anything, but by simply clicking on the ads, which should be appropriate for the site, we generate a little extra cash.  The blog is http://onceuponahazel.blogspot.com/  check it out!!!


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