My baby girl is turning two on Saturday!  Like any parent I ask, “Where did the time go?”  The changes that occur in little ones in the first two years are extraordinary. I thought I would write a list of everything she is doing and saying, but I just I can’t seem to shake this comment:

(This evening, I overheard someone say) “Don’t have kids until you are ready to lose your life.”

This comment angered and saddened me at the same time.

Even though it was meant in a  negative sense, I thought the same verbiage was completely true in reverse.

We did lose our lives when we had Hazel.  Maybe I was a boring person to begin with, but nothing I was doing, BH (Before Hazel), would even compare to the fulfillment, passion, love, gratitude, happiness, I feel/have for my daughter. The joy she has added to our lives is imeasureable.   It is exhilarating sharing something new with her (like Chirstmas lights) and experiencing her genuine excitement on an almost daily basis. I find myself taking these things less for granted,  trying to experience life through the lenses of a child.

On weekends Phillip and I all but race to Hazel’s bedroom with her first morning peeps.  The sight and sound of our daughter is a gift, one we cherish, every single day.  We hang on her every word, new facial expression, funny bodily function, or really anything she does.

Yes our lives have changed dramatically since having Hazel.   A child is, of course, a tremendous repsonsibility, but the only thing we have lost has been some spontaneity, which is hardly a sacrifice considering what we have gained 100 fold in return.

(I don’t speak for Dora (our dog) who may argue that she has lost a lot of hair)

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

One thought on “Mommy Sentiment

  1. Your gain has been 100 fold, our gain has been 1000 fold. What a well written, beautiful blog Amanda, it literally brought me to tears.

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