Hazel has been averaging a few timeouts a week, for a variety of reasons, mostly for hitting/pulling/poking/smacking/jumping on the dog.  We set the timer for two minutes and she sits on her timeout bench and takes her punishment like a champ.  We follow the Super Nanny Timeout procedure precisely, and besides the occasional relapse, this seems to really be an effective punishment for her.  I am not judging here, but I just can’t see punishing a two year old who is hitting, by hitting her back.  Seems like the lesson would be a mute point.  Anyway, Hazel, apparently, has the process down as well and we find her reprimanding monkey on an almost daily basis with a timeout.  She is quite a stickler because she tells monkey “Ten Minutes.”  We have asked her several times why monkey is in timeout and it is almost always for “hitting Dora”  or “pulling Dora’s ear”, ironically the same things Hazel has been punished for.  It is too cute to see her sit monkey down, tell him why he was naughty, explain how long he has to sit there,  and “no talking.”  

Disclaimer:  Before you judge me as a mother, after seeing a tip-able plant stand, shade chords, and an open outlet (note: outlet cover on ground) where our child is playing; know that we were rearranging to make room for the Christmas tree, so the room was in a bit of disarray.  

I think it embarrassed her when I caught her in mid-reprimand

Explaining to monkey why he was being punished and for how long

waiting for her playmates timeout time to expire

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