Phillip was the one holding out on cutting Hazel’s hair during her her first two years of life.  He allowed my dad to give her a light bang trim back in October and that was it.  However, this evening, he decided enough was enough and cut her hair while she was sitting on the toilet.  He actually did a fabulous job and even if it is a little uneven in some places the curls hide it nicely.  And speaking of curls…they are still there.

"I am not so sure about this."

I believe this is the snip Philip said "woops" after

she couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry

all that hair....sniff sniff

She still has a little left, and yes we had her name legally changed to "Annie"


One thought on “First Haircut of 2010

  1. Good job Phil. I love the haircut.

    Hazel is course the most beautiful little girl to walk the face of the earth, hair or no.

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