Well I forgot to take an initial picture of the dresser before I removed the drawers.  So I have a drawerless dresser in the first shot, but it started out like any normal three drawer dresser would…

the dresser, minus its drawers


A special thank you to neighbor Joe who just happened to be going out to his garage when I was attempting to remove the middle drawer slide, in the snow, while pregnant, on our back patio ( secretly I was hoping he would here me pounding and come outside).  He took it to his shop and returned the dresser minus the drawer slide minutes later.  What a good neighbor.

The fabric choices for the kitchen curtain...I will keep you in suspense on that one


It was hard to decide whether I should make a large oven opening with minimal storage or a small “pizza like” oven with more storage.  Ultimately the smaller oven was the choice.  I like a lot of storage.  So the top opening you see is going to be the oven part.  And the bottom bigger space will be for storage of dishes and food, covered by a lovely curtain, the fabric, for which was hand picked by Hazel.  

primed and ready for some paint


first coat with backsplash and wood embellishment


We had a small piece of our base trim left in the garage that I decided to use as the backsplash.  It isn’t quite big enough, but that doesn’t concern me.  The wood embellishment I loved and glued on.  The legs are purposely not painted.  It is still a bit high for Hazel and they screw off easily enough so I plan on removing them until she grows some more.  Why didn’t I do this before stacking it on the table?  I couldn’t tell you.

the trim and bowl cut out (which took me all of nap time yesterday to do)


I must say I used several power tools yesterday, some of which I had never operated before.  SAfe?  Sure I wore a mask and safety glasses.  I did break two blades on the skil saw which I am not sure is entirely normal to do.  BUT I did manage to figure out how to replace them, which was good since I did it twice.  I made it through with only a minor flesh wound.


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