Maybe you don’t care much about my kitchen project, but I am really into it right now and will continue to blog about it probably for the next several years, so I apologize if this information is less exciting than say this…

playdough, her favorite past-time

or this…..


punch face

I was very productive tonight after referencing Jane’s tutorial for the 900th time I realized I hadn’t drilled my holes for the faucet or knobs, oops!  So I did that.  Yes this will make for some extra touch up painting, but that’s what I get for not following directions closely.  I also painted the first coat on the inside of the oven and the first coat on the oven rack, which will be grey and silver.  

Finds of the day:  

The perfect sink at goodwill (I think it is a dog bowl)- $2

Grey paint, from the dented rack at SEARS -$0. 97, yep, thats right, a quart for less than a dollar, booya!!!

9:30 pm kitchen update

9:30 pm update

sink, faucet and turnie things


4 thoughts on “First Things Last

  1. I don’t think they are gender specific. Mine is just girl because I have a girl. You could paint it blue and use a more boyish fabric.

  2. Way to go pregnant Mama! This is amazing! It will be something that Hazel’s kids will play with one day. I’m so impressed by your craftiness! When we were looking for kitchen’s for Javen, the wooden ones were by far our favorite (and the best quality) and cost anywhere from $200-$300!! (Needless to say we went the less expensive route.) Can’t wait to see your finished project and Hazel in action!

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