Yes after dedicating the last few days of my life to this play kitchen project, it is finally complete, except for the chalk board on the side, but I had to bring it in and see Hazel play with it.  I definitely threw myself into this project and if you could see the house as a result of my neglect…it isn’t a pretty sight.  Ironically enough I spent most of the afternoon in the garage while Phillip did laundry.  I think he finally gave up on me ever providing him with clean underwear again.  

All in all, it was a lot of fun, challenging, a learning experience and something i would love to do again.  Here it is!!!

Oh and Hazel refused to let the kitchen be photographed alone, she would yell “My kitchen!!” And run over to get in every shot.  Hopefully you don’t mind the “Price is Right” model in all the pictures.

She played with it all night and even said "Mommy made it!"


the front


the top, I used tea light bases for the knobs, no spray painting necessary!


in use... (notice monkey in the sink)


baking...something?? Nevermind the tape on the magnetic closure, it was so strong she couldn't open it so we had to weaken the strength of the magnet.


Total Cost: Around $35.  I added some $ (and unnecessary) little extras here and there, (like the $5 hooks on the side).  I thought Hazel needed it :).  In the future I would like to try to use all recycled items.

6 thoughts on “It’s Finished…almost!!

  1. Oh you’re some sort of amazing! I KNEW I LOVED YOU! This is FANTASTIC! Did you see the idea online? I saw the same concept on a blog somewhere but I’m pretty sure the girl took WEEKS to do hers. (She must’ve been doing laundry at the same time). You rock! (And tell Phillip next time he’s folding-call Adam. He does the laundry too. Otherwise he’d have to flip his underwear inside out)

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