As I mentioned in a previous blog, we punish Hazel with timeouts and try our best to follow the “Supernanny” method as such:

1.  Give warning (therefore the child makes a choice to either stop their naughty behavior or face the consequences.)

2. Set child in timeout for the minutes of their age.

3.  When timeout is finished parent, or punisher, goes to child (while still in timeout location) and calmly explains again the reason for the punishment.

4.  Ask child to appologize

5.  Forgive them, give hugs and kisses and move on

Last night I was a bit preoccupied and had some issues in my timeout follow-up execution, it went something like this

Me:  “Now Hazel I put you in timeout because….ahhhh…..ummmmm…..”

Hazel: “Screaming”

Me: “right, exactly, thank you”

Hazel:  “no scream anymore mommy, sorry, give hugs.”

Even though she pretty much ran the timeout it did appear that she learned a lesson and I did too.


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