We had our official hospital tour tonight, where we will be delivering baby boy Squibb.  It was further affirmation that the choice to change hospitals, although inconvenient, was the right one.  It took us about an hour to drive the 22 miles in near rush hour traffic. Phillip firmly believes I will go into intense labor at approx. 5 pm on a weekday, and it will take us 3 hours to make it to the hospital, lets really hope not.  

All of the staff, doctors, nurses etc. were soooo nice.  The hospital’s phylosophy is quite different from where we delivered Hazel.  They are much more naturalistic as opposed to medical.   The baby comes to mom as soon as it is born for immediate breastfeeding, they have birthing balls in every room and tubs available for water birthing, best of all doctors nurses and midwives are very much on board and supportive of individual birthing plans, natural births, etc.  

We also got to check out the Alternative Birthing Rooms, where I hope to be delivering, if I am able to stay unmedicated.  The rooms are spacious and very nice.  The birthing tub is readily available and the full size bed  was definitely an upgrade from our last hospital stay.  Unfortunately with the H1N1 precautions I will only be allowed two people and the same two people throughout my entire labor, delivery and post-partum period (yet another reason to not get a c-section).  Traditionally in the AB rooms you are allowed as many spectators as you want, not the case right now.  Darn swine flu, perhaps policies will change by March.  

I am 33 weeks and some change right now and go back to the doctor next Tuesday to be measured for the bazillionth time and to hear the babies’ heartbeat, which is always a treat.  Just wish I didn’t have to spend two hours in the car (round trip) for these ten minute appointments.  Oh well, it is the sacrifice we are making for better care for our baby and me.


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