35 weeks


 We didn’t make it to the doctor this week.  We had just returned from Salem the night before my appointment and Hazel decided to nap from about 4:30-7 during the car ride home, translation, she didn’t fall asleep until past 11.  Therefore we were not up in time to make it to the 9am appointment, an hour away. Not to worry we rescheduled for this coming Thursday when we will, once again, make our long trek  for another 5 minute appointment… 

I am feeling great.  Just crammed, in more ways then one.  I am not sure I have shared this story before, but I can’t seem to find my box of maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Hazel.  Our house and storage space isn’t vast so we have looked in every possible location they could have been stored.  I fear I accidentally threw them in the box of clothes I took to goodwill several months back, before I was pregnant.  As punishment, since maternity clothes are expensive, I have been stretching and squeezing into any of my regular clothes possible.  Extra long t’s are my best friend.  Luckily I saved my “heavier days” jeans I got while on my semester abroad in Australia and they are the only jeans that fit.  Today I wore tights with a shirt and cardigan that barely covered by bum,(see pic above)  but hey, it is the price I am paying for recklessly getting rid of the clothes I so badly need right now.  

One final cute story:

While playing at Me Ma’s house this past weekend Hazel found a tiny baby bottle in the toy collection.  She came over to me, lifted up my shirt and pressed the bottle to my belly and said “Eat baby.”  awe, I think she is somewhat starting to understand and if she likes her brother half as much as she likes dogs and cats, we should be fine.


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