I guess I lied.  Hazel does apparently allow herself to be photographed…once she has put her makeup on.  She has developed a bit of a fetish with chap stick which she refers to as “lip”.  We allow her to occasionally don the  carmex or Burts Bees, but that is it.  However, a well intending Me Ma gave Hazel some Avon “chap stick” a while back, which I tried to hide at the back of the bathroom drawer, (as it has a slight hint of color in it.)  We were going to get it out in about, ohhh, 15 years, but Hazel found it the other night and, you can probably guess what happened….

she was mostly concerned with the "lip" that got on her hands

"lets put a smile on that face"

Her lip stick application really does remind me of the Joker in Batman


I have to admit that I was actually quite impressed that most of it was on her lips though

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