Well I have been up most of the night.  Mostly due to uncomfort and partly due to the excitment of finding a used car that was in our price range that hadn’t been used to haul goats.  Therefore at around 5am I decided to get up and make myself useful.  With the laundry underway and breakfast in my belly, what better to do than blog?  I have quite a few things on the agenda for this post.

1.  Firstly, thank you playdough.  Was playdough sent from Heaven?  I think so.  As of right now playdough is the main reason our daughter knows almost all of her colors and goes potty on the toilet.  Before she gets to play with it she must complete two tasks:  “put her potties in the toilet”  and name the colors of dough.  Basically toilet training just came down to finding something she liked well enough to use to bribe her.  Yes it sounds devilish, but it works.  Yesterday was our most successful day yet!  Only one incident “off the pot” and she even named the color black, which is a huge breakthrough.  She now recognizes blue, yellow, orange, purple, white, green, red, pink AND black.

2.  The bowling ball (aka baby) has dropped.  I believe it is called lightening when the baby drops into the birth canal in preparation for birth.  This weekend I noticed my belly was much lower and yesterday I began walking with a really funny waddle.  I literally fell like I have a bowling ball between my legs or have been riding on a horse for several days…. and I read online that when lightening occurs that is just how most women describe it as feeling.  Will the baby be here sooner than predicted?  Probably not, but things are starting to change.

3.  Our double stroller arrived!  We ordered the Graco Duo Glider and it is NICE.  Of course we have only pushed Hazel around in it in the living room, but she loves it and it’s maneuverability and features are superb (so far).  It is quite massive, but I will make that trade off for a good, reliable stroller.  Shout out to my dad “Boopa” for putting it together.  

Ms. Cranky face (she really does like it though)

4.  The Squibb Mobile:  aka Ford Freestyle.  When I used to work at the Early Childhood Center the teachers opened car doors in the morning and walked all of the kiddies inside.  There was one family that I always rushed to open their door becasue their car facinated me.  It wasn’t a minivan, it wasnt an SUV, but it had a third seat, was low to the ground like a minivan, and I thought it was quite stylish.  With our expanding family I just don’t think the Prius is going to be the best for accommodating all of us, plus carseats, plus stroller, plus dog, plus anything else at all we might like to travel with.  Last night we finally found one in excellent condition, used, and almost in our price range.  Tax is a killer!!!  Though the car salesman was pushy and rude we couldn’t walk away from a good deal.  We are heading back to look at it this weekend when Phillip’s parents are in town, for a familial second opinion.   Hopefully with a little negotiating things will work out!  If not, we can always strap Dora to the roof of the Prius…

well that sums up the excitement in our lives right now.  I will keep you updated with any baby news and of course new pictures of Hazel if and when they become available.

One thought on “Insomnia

  1. I see… you want a car with a third seat, like ours. Why don’t you just get the same one… Ford Ixion or Mazda Premise (they’re the same thing)…. oh, and ours is black in case you want exactly the same. Then we can be twins.

    Jah jah learned his colors from the movie “Cars” and this “Cars” book that he has that says things like, “Lightning McQueen is rookie-race-car-RED” or “Sheriff is business-like BLACK”. But black comes out like “butt”, so sometimes I can’t tell the difference.

    Good to talk to you today. I miss you. xoxoxo

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