Have I mentioned this girl loves her play dough?  Well she does and will face the terrors of the potty just to be able to play with it. She usually has quite the spread.  If you can see she ran out of room in front of her booster chair and had to scoot down to another chair to find some more workspace.  

play dough time!

cutting out play dough shapes

We were able to make a deal on our Squibb Mobile this weekend.  We had the advantage being as it was the end of the month and they were eager to make a deal.  The dealership came down A LOT and we only had to go up a little.  All in all a successful negotiation.  

Our new/used car!

One of our (Hazel’s) favorite Monday morning past-times, garbage truck watching.  Special treat today,  apparently the garbage man’s friend was driving by so they had a chat in our driveway.  Therefore the truck was in front of our house for a good ten minutes.  Hazel was in Heaven.  

garbage truck watching

36 week bowl holder

Although convenient, I will not miss this when it is gone.  

And finally, Christmas Tree watch 2010

This was in my stocking at Christmas.  Phillip has never been one to buy me cut flowers.  When I do get flowers they are usually in the  potted form, so they can be a gift which keeps giving, according to him.  I am assuming its the same idea behind these trees.  We have three buds out of 6 seeds so far.  It is fun to watch their progress.  Maybe if we are lucky we will at least have a Charlie Brown tree by next Christmas.  


"Oh Christmas Trees"


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