I vaccilated even posting this because I don’t want irony to bite me (or Hazel) in the bottom, but our baby girl is nearly potty triained!!!  We now even utilize public restrooms, with the help of a portable kiddy toilet.  She still wears a pull-up, or cloth diaper at naps and bedtime, but usually wakes up dry after naps.  I am sure every parent who goes through this feels that they could write a book, but I really do feel we gained some very helpful knowlegde for potty training in the future.  I always wished someone would have just given me some key suggestions to try.  For anyone interested, here are my two cents (or five rather).  

Basically it came down to these FIVE main points.

*Not an expert, but thought I would share.   

1.  UNDERWEAR– all day, no acceptions, there may be accidents, but take the diapers away!  They are a safely net for them and they know when they have one on they can pee and poo to their hearts content.  Also, after they have worn their “big kid pants” for a while, diapers just don’t make the cut.

2.  INCENTIVE- finding something they like well enough to bribe them with it (I know this sounds terrible, but it worked).  “If you potty on the toilet you can play with play dough.”  Continual prizes didn’t effect Hazel and was expensive to keep up, so I think finding one big thing that they LOVE is more practical, and worked best for us anyway.  (We do have gerber wheat cookies by the toilet as well since sometimes time doesn’t allow an immediate play dough play session).

3.  POTTY BOOKS- we had two and she loved them!  One was a rhyming one Me Ma got her and she knew it by heart.  The more they see, hear, and understand about the potty the better and sooner they will grasp it. We even made up a song, which also helps to pass the time…  (Hazel was singing this to her monkey this morning)

(To the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

Pee pee and poo poo on the toilet

is so much fun I don’t want to spoil it

when I go number one or number two

I get a cookie whoop-dee-doo!!!! (hands in the air)

pee pee and poo poo is so much fun

I’m gonna go go go till I’m done

4.  PARENTAL/CARETAKER CONSISTENCY– Basically it came down to our willingness to drop everything with the first signs of “nature’s call”.  This is probably the hardest part.  

5.  NEVER GETTING UPSET–  Of course we would say things like “Hazel that makes mommy/daddy sad when you potty in your pants (and make a really sad face)…”  and stuff like that.  However, we did not want her to grow to resent the potty, so we did not force the issue on “rough” days.  We tried potty boot-camp about 4 months ago, here at the house, setting the potty timer, and sitting on the pot every 10 minutes throughout the day, but ultimately she was not ready, so we decided to try again when she was a few months older.  Understanding and respecting your child is a HUGE part of training.  

I am crossing my toes and fingers and praying that the arrival of the new baby does not cause severe regression, but is something we must be prepared to deal with.  

No new pics, so here is an oldie…..

Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane....


4 thoughts on “Putting “our tinkles in the pot”

  1. Thanks for the tips! We’re going to buckle down and start potty training as soon as I’m feeling 100% again and can be consistant. Have you decided which cloth diapers you’re going to use yet for baby boy?

  2. This is great Amanda! I am not looking forward to potty training but I am sure it is a great accomplishment when all is said and done. When did you start w/ Hazel?

  3. Brooke, we introduced the potty at about a year and just sat her on it from time to time. She actually had quite a lot of successes in the beginning. Then she really disliked it for quite a while, so we didn’t push it. We started again hardcore when I quit working back in September, but she still wasn’t ready. After her second birthday we started trying to be more consistent and she finally gained control over her “potties” and just within the past two weeks has really gotten the hang of it. It is TOUGH, but yes the reward is HUGE. It is crazy how exciting it is.

  4. Diane, I had a couple of bum genius diapers from Hazel and I didn’t really like those. I couldn’t get the liners to stay in place and her legs were always rubbed raw where it touched her legs. I am trying Gro baby, per recommendation from Phillip’s cousin. They can actually be used as a hybrid diaper, which is crazy. The shells are cloth and you can by 100 percent biodegradable all natural pads, which you can throw away, or into your garden. Or the cloth inserts, which button in. They are also a one size fits all thing, which is appealing as well. I haven’t received them yet, but I will let you know what i think when I get them.

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