This morning Megan asked Hazel if she could sing to the baby, so Hazel climbed up on my chair and sang a little ditty that went something like this….

“A-B-C-D-E-F-G  baby brodder”

“H-I-J-K  [baby’s name]”  *yes we are keeping it a secret*

“H-I-J-K [baby’s name]”

Me:  “What comes next Hazel?”

“L-M-N-O-P  baby brodder”

“Q-R-S [baby’s name]”

“T-U-V-W-X-Y and Z baby brodder, now I know my ABC’s [baby’s name], next time won’t you sing with me baby brodder”

(of course this story would be even cuter if you could hear her say her baby “brodder’s” name, but you will just have to wait to fill in that blank for a few more days, or weeks or months)

Here is a 39 week shot, not sure what kind of ridiculous face I am making, but Hazel is pretty stinkin cute

39 weeks, a kiss and a song from Hazel to baby


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