Yes, perhaps taking a one week old infant to an indoor track meet might not seem like the most responsible decision.  But us Squibb-Ulrey’s are track enthusiasts, to put it lightly.  Dorian came to a last chance meet at Notre Dame which is only an hour and a half away from our home.  We couldn’t pass it up.  Callum was great.  We put him in the Moby wrap and he slept and ate his way through through the whole thing.  He woke up at the very end to meet his Uncle Dorian for the first time.  

megan and Hazel cheering for Doe Doe

Getting Callum into the Moby

Closing the gap

Callum meeting uncle Doe Doe for the first time

3 thoughts on “Callum’s first Track Meet

  1. I can’t believe you were out and about after only a week! I had a doctor’s appt when Liam was one week old and just being out for a couple of hours did me in for the day. You are super woman!

  2. well Diane, this isn’t my first rodeo. hahaha. Apparently they say the second c-section recovery is quite a bit quicker than the first, I guess if there is any silver lining that is it. We actually petitioned the doctors and got discharged in less than 48 hours, where as before we were in for 3 and a half days.

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