Again with the delinquent blogging!!!  Although, this has been a very busy week, no excuse, but it has been!!!  Megan left on Thursday and my parents and brother came in Thursday night and Friday morning.  It is Dorian’s spring break and he flew in to Chicago to spend a little bonding time with his new nephew (and the rest of us, of course).  The weather, with the acception of yesterday, when it snowed?, has been fabulous so we have been spending as much time as we can outdoors.  On Tuesday we took the kids on a walk and to the park, then on Wednesday we went into the city to the zoo, then Friday we went back into the city for another lovely day to walk the Mag Mile and along the lake.  

Megan’s departure has not yet fully hit me, as we have still been surrounded by family.  However, I am sure sometime this week I will break down into a sobbing blubbering mess, but until then…..Here are some pics from all of our fun times this past week.  


One thought on “24 pictures to make up for it….

  1. oh…. made me cry just reading this. 😦

    on a happy note, I don’t think you gave proper attention to the “monkey incident”… just a pic?! 🙂

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