After many games of Wii, wagers won and lost, doubled or nothing, and even tripled or nothing… It came out like this… Megan had to buy Phillip half the cost of a new Wii remote and Philip had to put the Moby wrap on and take a picture.  Megan held up her side of the deal.  Here is Phillip’s attempt to hold up his…….You should know he even wrapped it himself (no easy feat, to do so requires a tutorial).  Although, not entirely correct, actually, I am pretty sure if he would have stood up Callum would have fallen out, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Phillip dons the Moby Wrap


2 thoughts on “For Megan

  1. Amanda, I just wanted to tell you one more time how much I love/enjoy looking at the blog. You are an amazing writer. I check the blog several times a day in the hopes that you have updated with a story or added a new picture. I am sure that it is me alone that drives your total daily blog hits sky high. Love you forever. Mom

  2. Thanks Phillip! I cracked up when I got to the end of the scrapbook!

    And let’s just say that I didn’t have to pay for the half of the wii, but Phillip pouted so much that I thought I’d cave in and do one more game (but he was so appalled that I wouldn’t do double or nothing! just because we did double and triple or nothings after each of my losses, I know when to stop while I’m ahead- just sayin…).

    So I had to pay half a wii remote.

    He had to cook us dinner and take a photo in the moby…. 🙂

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