According to my parents, I am now experiencing a little taste of what they went through with me as a child at bedtime.  Hazel finds a way to drag the bedtime routine out longer each night.  In fact, as soon as the words bed, sleep, book, night-time, etc. are mentioned,  she starts moving at a snails pace and finds all sorts of ways to busy herself and not look tired. Take last night for example.  She must have sensed the hour was drawing near and thought “I should take every book off the shelf and lay it on the floor.”  She said she was helping monkey pick out a book, but we all know the real reason, STALLING.  

 FYI, she is wearing three layers of dresses in these photos.  Megan got her a few dresses before she left and Hazel loved them so much she had to wear them all at the same time.  

When I finally caught on as to why she was being so quiet


meticulously laying each one down


square footage ran out before the books did


But she wouldn’t be a true stalling professional if she didn’t pick all of them back up



putting them away, much to my OCD's dismay


A congratulatory applause for herself after putting all the books back


3 thoughts on “Stall Queen

  1. Haha. Elijah is a “staller” too. After his bath, he has started refusing to put on his diaper in an attempt to not go to bed. Then he requests a concert of every song he knows the title of, we make a compromise of two songs. Followed by telling me that he has a “big owie” and a “tuffy nose” (stuffy nose) and then insisting that Pooh Bear needs a band aid. Pooh’s injuries are starting to get pretty repetitive. I think he’s being abused. Then…”Mama it’s too dark”, so I turn on a light. Five minutes later… “Mama.. light off.” Five minutes later….(shouting from his bed) “Mama! I need help.” So we try to ignore him until he gets louder and louder and finally one of us goes in and he says, “I need one kiss”, so then my heart melts (I’m a sucker, I know) and then I make him promise to go to sleep. And he promises but on the condition that he gets “a big milk”. This is getting ridiculous. We’ve had to start putting him to bed earlier and earlier because of his stalling tactics. So… you’re not alone. They are sneaky.

  2. All the same!!! She does the owie band aid thing, she asks for kleenex, she says it is too dark. We are finally getting wise to these two year olds. ha!

  3. I love her face on the last one! Ah… I miss you guys!!!!! Tell Hazel hi for me and let’s plan a skype date soon.

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