We were trying to recall if Hazel was a puker as an infant and finally came to the realization that the absence of ANY burp clothes in the house, BC (Before Callum), indicated that she was not.  Maybe a handful of times, did Hazel puke as an infant, but Callum, quite a different story. We have now stocked up on burp clothes (which doesn’t even matter because he just aims away from them and hits whatever clean clothing we have left) and try to prepare ourselves (as best we can) before the puke show strikes.  

Hazel actually said as I was holding Callum yesterday “Don’t puke on me!”  Then last night while we were skyping with Casey,  Hazel very dramatically yelled “EEEEEEWWWWWEEE” and held up her hand, which somehow had puke on it.  I had been holding Callum and realized he projectiled onto Hazel’s foot and she had tried to wipe it off.  I was just relieved he missed me and the computer.  Probably paybacks for Hazel’s comment earlier in the day.  Casey suggested that Hazel didn’t puke because I did it all for her (I had terrible morning sickness throughout) and with Callum, none whatsoever.  This may be a valid theory.  But whatever the reason… he pukes…a lot….

But look how cute he is 

NOTE:  The napkin sitting on his chest.  All burp clothes were dirty so we resort to paper napkins for when he wakes up and, inevitably, pukes again.  

Mr. Pukey McPukerson

2 thoughts on “We’ve got a Puker..

  1. He’s precious!!! David was a puker too. Turned out to be a sensitivity to dairy. I cut out major dairy sources (still eat a little cheese, etc – just no glasses of milk) and it diminished incredibly.

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