Every time Hazel gets a chance to play with her “cousins” I have about 3 million pictures to go through.  The kids are all at such cute ages and watching them play and interact is so much fun!  This visit was no exception and forgive me for posting so many pics, but I just have to.  The highlights of this visit were, of course, Easter, and Hazel’s first ever easter egg hunting.  She really wasn’t quite sure what to make of the eggs all over the ground till we told her to “clean them up”, being the tidy thing she is, she got right to work picking the eggs up and putting them in her basket.  

I forgot to mention that over the past month we have been frequenting the mall at least once a week so Hazel can visit the easter bunny.  Yes, she and Mr. Bunny are great friends.  We wait in line like all the other visitors, then, we hang out.  No pictures please.  (Mom is too cheap to fork over the 18 bucks for the cheapest package, don’t even get me started).  But I will happily take Hazel to visit.  Her routine usually consisted of greeting Mr. Bunny, handing him monkey (which he pets and snuggles), she then gives the bunny a high five, tells him that he likes carrots to eat, pets his knee, then says her good byes.  It wasn’t until our very last visit that she actually wanted to sit on his lap.  This was a huge break through.  Usually before we went she would comment to me “Hazel no have to sit on easter bunny’s lap.”  Once she even reassured herself bunny was a friend by saying “hazel not scared of the easter bunny, easter bunny not eat people.” So, in spite of her subconscious fears, she would continually request visits to the easter bunny, and like any loving parents would do, we used it as bribery.  Poops in the toilet meant trips to the bunny and we didn’t have an incident till, ironically enough, Easter Eve…

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3 thoughts on “Easter In Salem

  1. oh my word… that Hazel is such a cutie. And I LOVE the pics of her and Finley… so precious!

    And woooo hooo on the Easter Bunny break through!

  2. I love the slideshow…you are always so creative with your posts! I hope all is well with the new addition to your family, he is a handsome little guy (even if he is wrapped in pink blankets).

    • Brooke,
      Funny you should mention the slide show…I have no idea how I did it. I was inserting the pictures as I always do and a button appeared that said “insert slideshow” so I clicked it and boom, mystery slide show! I couldn’t do it again if I tried. Callum says “thanks” for thinking he is cute, but he is still ticked about the pink blankets. I hope it doesn’t scar him for life.

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