Callum at one month


Alright so actually he is more like five and a half weeks, but we just had our one month check-up yesterday.  The doctor was quite impressed with his over 3 pound weight gain.  He tipped the scales at 10lbs 1oz (he was 6lbs 11oz at birth) and grew two and a half inches measuring 21.5 inches.  We asked about acid reflux and the doctor said he was not concerned since his weight gain had been so tremendous.  He actually blamed it on me and said the vomiting was probably due to gorging and that I was most likely producing a ton of milk and he was getting overfilled.  He suggested I pump and see just how much he might be getting in any given feeding.  He said Callum looked very healthy and strong.  He had to get his Hep B shot, which I always hate, but must be done…

In other news, Hazel has taken over “barf control” she alerts us when ever she sees Callum puke and today she even started cleaning it up.  Finally able to put her to work.

She cleaned him up then tucked the rag under his chin for good measure


....and then she smashed monkey into his face

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