For anyone interested, we purchased the Target brand diapers at almost half the price of pampers.  I had heard they were good and wanted to try them for myself, verdict….NO LEAKS!  They are not as soft as pampers, but that is my only complaint, price=good, quality=good, softness=not so much.  Target comes through again!  They are also kinds cute, Callum is modeling one in his picture below.


2 thoughts on “Target Diapers

  1. I used to use Target brand, until I discovered the Kirkland Brand at Costco! Practically the same as a Huggie. In case anyone was interested in that as well. I love reading your blogs Amanda, and the kids love seeing the pics. Keep up the good work!

  2. Becky, I will definitely be trying the Costo because Huggies are actually my favorite diaper and if you say they are one in the same I am game. Thanks for following the blog. I sure like doing it and I am glad you (and the kiddos) are entertained!

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