A week or so ago Hazel, Callum and I were out for a walk and I found a cute, vintage twin headboard/footboard (not sure)  in one of our neighbor’s trash.  Note to self:  Good idea to take walks on the eve of trash day…until the hot summer months when things get stinky.  Anywho, I carried it the whole way home and was pumped to get started.  I thought about making it into a blanket holder or something else, but ultimately I liked the way it looked as, you guessed it, a headboard.  I forgot to take a before picture until after I had painted one side so the dripping yellow paint was my addition.




after, painted and distressed (of course)



5 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving

  1. Amanda, you definitely continue to amaze and inspire me with your crafts! I am going to be doing a couple of picture frames and I was wanting to distress them, do you distress your crafts w/ just sand paper or a hand sander? Just curious!

    • Brooke,
      I am not even fancy enough to use a hand sander, haha. Although that would be something I should ask for for mother’s day, I use a piece of sand paper I found in the trash. I think it is time for some new materials.

      • That is too funny! I would even say asking for some new sandpaper for Mother’s Day would at least be better than a piece you found in the trash 🙂

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