You know it’s love when your husband texts you on his way to work to tell you about stuff you might like in the neighbor’s trash.  I was groggily waking up when I saw “new message” on my phone and it was from Phillip. I immediately looked at it to see if it was an emergency and indeed it was.  I needed to get out to the curb before the trash man arrived!  Across the street in the neighbor’s trash was a tiny, solid wood, never been painted, paneled door.  Not sure yet what  might be doing with it, so stay tuned…

If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!


my next project


3 thoughts on “True Love

  1. I’ve seen headboards, tables (top it off with plexi, put hazels art work under the plexi)it would be cute to paint and distress and add legs for a patio table, room divider, cut out the middle sections and replace with mirror or glass or chicken fencing. Looks like fun!!!

  2. Dude!!!! As we speak I have a door halfway painted to be hung above my couch! I also made a chalkboard to hang over that…its love! I’ve got two pics I’ll send you! Love it! You’re one lucky trash picker! (Salem trash is crap! lol)

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