So I have a new hobby, when i have time, and that is blog stalking.  I love finding new and crafty blogs and I have found some super cute ones recently.  I am probably what you would consider and bit of a creeper in the blogging world.  You see,  I don’t become a “follower” of the blogs I adore (which is a common courtesy to those bloggers), I just check them several times a day and add them to my blog roll.  Not sure why it is so hard for me to commit, but I am pretty sure it is people like me who drive hard core bloggers crazy.  Oh well, I found a cute idea on one of my most favorite blogs to stalk that I discovered through my friend Diane’s blog.  Here is the idea I am copying from Katie over at cleared for takeoff.”  

I went to the blog she linked to for free vintage prints and after scrolling around the site for a while I found an adorable coffee/tea cup.  I printed the image, pasted it to a piece of scrap book paper I had on hand (which almost matches the pattern in the cup perfectly I might add), painted and shantied up an old frame and , whala!, a new pretty for above the snack pantry.  Cost….zippo!  As in zero dollars spent.

coffee cup art


another angle, I love that cup!

2 thoughts on “Blog stalking and crafting

  1. Thanks for the new blogsite…P.S. I am just the same as you are as far as stocking various blogs and never subscribing to them…do you think they even notice? 🙂

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