We are visiting my parents for a couple of days to allow Phillip some “study time,” as this is finals week for grad school. ( If you see him on Facebook or Skype anytime in the next day or so, tell him to STUDY)!  hehe. It is so nice having extra help and Hazel (and I) always love visiting with Mooma and Boopa.  Yesterday we went to visit great grandpa and introduce him to Callum for the first time.  Today we walked down to the lake then went with Boopa to the river to feed the geese.  Unfortunately, they were not the most social of feathered friends and flew away the second Hazel screamed at them.  Go figure.    Here are some shots of our fun so far.  

the top of my dad's head is missing

Great Grandpa Ray (my mom's dad) and Callum

Doesn't Hazel looked thrilled?

banana bread helper, she does the peeling

she loved throwing the peels in the trash and the bananas in the bowl

fixated on the little green guy

at water's edge, trying to find a frog

she refused to sit on the log for the picture because there was an ant on it


geese and their goslings on the Mississippi


One thought on “Just Visiting

  1. Awwww…. I wish I was there!!!!! Miss you all.

    Funny thing… I was reading your posts while chatting with an unnamed person… needless to say, I told him to “STUDY!” 🙂

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