Callum went for his two-month check up tonight and he scored high marks with the doctor.  He grew an inch in length, measuring in at 22 1/2 inches, and gained over 2 lbs weighing in at 12.4.  He is in the 75% for his weight and head size and 50% for his height.  Almost identical to Hazel at that age.   He was such a good boy and smiled and cooed at the doctor and nurses the whole time and only cried a little bit for his shots.  He is such a good boy, so laid back and easy going.  I feel bad that I don’t have more “Callum” posts, but everytime I try to take pictures of him…..

Callum 2 Months

THIS happens


attention stealer exhibit #1

and THIS


attention stealer exhibit #2


3 thoughts on “Cal Man is 2 months old

  1. 2 months… he’s so grown up! 🙂 Before we know it he will be. Craziness. Wish I was there to snuggle with him. Glad to hear such a great report from the docs.

  2. I cannot tell you just how much I loved/enjoyed/treasure this series of pictures. My grandbabies are growing right in front of my eyes. They are both so very adorable.

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