There is this somewhat new children’s clothes store that went into our mall called Just 4 Kidz. It has been there for a few months now and I have never gone in cause …well… it looks kinda cheap.  But today as we were out I was thinking of how Callum really needed summer clothes and Gymboree is too expensive, and I can’t even get the double wide (stroller) into Children’s Place, so I decided to give Kidz a try.  Boy am I glad I did.  We got 6 full outfits for Callum and two pairs of shoes for $30!!!   I have been trying to find Callum a summer hat and they are $6.99 at Target, which is a tad too much for muah, but two of the outfits we got today came with cutie patootie little hats. Major score!   I don’t think this store is a chain and it seems kinda sketchy since the little shoes we got  for Callum are the Circo brand (sold at Target).  Oh well, we will take advantage of it while it lasts!

Here is our haul!

seriously, who does this? I just love deals so much!

Here is an example of the cuteness close up.


full outfit for $3.99!!

See what I mean about the shoe sketchiness?  I am sure they aren’t selling them for $2.99 at Target!


Does Target know about this?


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