Got off to a great start with a sleep in until 9, pretty miraculous.  Phillip started on breakfast.  He and had an idea for a completely original breakfast casserole (which he grocery shopped for the day before) and he and Hazel got to work.  It turned out great!  They moved Hazel’s little table into the kitchen and we all ate around it.  

We had some relaxing family time for the rest of the day and went to Lake Catherine Nature preserve for an evening walk and to feed the ducks and geese.  

Hazel continually told me “Happy Modders Day Mommy” all day, which was about the sweetest thing ever. Then, as I tucked her in I asked her if she could give me a really great present for Mother’s Day and she said “yes” so I asked for no bedtime tears and for her to fall asleep without any stalling.  (Lately the bedtime routine has become quite long and dramatic).  She agreed with a small quiver in her voice and guess what??? No tears tonight.  Truly a GREAT end to a wonderful day.  

Mother’s Day highlights


One thought on “A Memorable Mommies Day

  1. Looks like a great day! Love that you both are wearing the Moby… you should seriously be spokesperson or open a shop or something! 🙂

    How sweet that she went to bed without tears for you! That’s precious…

    Love you all & missing you like crazy!

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