Grandma Blanche, my father’s mother, is not doing well and Dorian and I are home offering whatever help/support we can.  Dad and mom are spending long hours at the nursing home with grandma and it seems like we are all just waiting for her to be free.  She has been fighting the dementia/Alzheimer’s for over a decade and I pray that she would have a peaceful, pain free and quick departure.  It feels wrong to pray for death, yet selfish to pray for life at this point.  I know she is ready and seems at peace which I thank God for.  I just ask that those of you who are “prayin folk” to lift Blanche up.  Thank you to our wonderful family and friends who have offered encouragement and kind words in this difficult time.


3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Amanda, my prayers are with you and your family. I understand some of what you are going through with the alzheimers, etc. The peace we have being left behind is knowing that our loved one is rejoicing with Jesus, not in pain, with a full mind and body. The greiving we experience is for us because we miss them. But as you know with the disease your gramma and family has endured, that hasn’t truely been your gramma for a long time. I am praying and know I’m here if you need a shoulder.

  2. Tell Grandma Blanche I love her and that I still have that burrito in my pocket. I’m here if you need me. Love you. Give your dad a hug for me, I know this must be hard for everybody.

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