This morning just before 8am grandma Blanche passed away.  Her soul is with Jesus and hopefully she is laughing and hugging grandpa up in heaven.  Over breakfast this morning I told Hazel Grandma Blanche had been very sick and we wouldn’t be seeing her anymore, to which Hazel replied “Grandma Blanche flew away.”  

One of our last real visits with grandma was the Christmas Hazel was born.  

Grandma Blanche

4 generations


5 thoughts on “Grandma Blanche

  1. Amanda, please extend my condolences to your family. My prayers are with you all. It’s amazing to think of all the neat things our loved ones are doing up there….connecting with ancestors, partying with Jesus, meeting all those that have gone on like presidents, biblical heroes, maybe she’ll meet my folks! Grandma Blanche is whole again. I love you:)

  2. Amanda, please tell your family I am with them in thought and prayer.
    Love you all.

    She fought a good fight and is having fun now.

  3. Tell everyone I love them and you’re all in my thoughts and prayers. Grandma Blance will be missed, but her stories and the moments shared with your family won’t disappear. I love you. Let’s talk on skype if you want. xoxo

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