Yep, just as I suspected, found the cord under the chair cushion, along with a few books, a small child, flash cards, and some crumbs.  

A Story of Sibling Love

I was carrying Callum around in the moby wrap and was adoring his chubby little legs dangling down…

Me: “Hazel aren’t your brother’s little leg’s cute?”

Hazel:  “No, Callum’s legs aren’t cute they are….ewwwwie.”

Some days they get along great and others are much like this picture progression.

We start out fine, playing and laughing it up. ( Oh and the twinsie outfits was a COMPLETE accident)

decorating Callum

Then something happens…

choke hold

And here is the end result…

hopefully Callum won't be too scarred by his sister...


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