Although his three month check-up isn’t until the 5th, I thought I could at least post his 3-month photo.  June marks Callum’s third month of life as well as Hazel’s 2.5 year mark, so we will definitely be getting some cute professional pictures taken in the near future.  Back to Cal Boy…

Some of his nicknames: Cal-Zone (Uncle Dorian’s), Cal Man, SuperCALafragalisticexpealadotious, Fluff Nugget, Bubby, Buddy, Barfy, Pukey McPukerson, Lovey, just to name a few.  On any given day I call him about 50 different names.  

Still a sweet heart and a mamma’s boy BIG TIME.

He has the craziest hair, one super long curly piece at the top of his head and a dark straight mullet in back. His hair looks blonde, brown and red in any given light.  

He loves being swaddled and sleeps for the first part of the night in his Moses basket.  He still wakes up twice to eat.

He has this adorable side smile and his eyes close when he smiles really big.

He is laughing, cooing and talking up a storm.

He is arching his back and pushing himself a long with his feet.  He can scoot himself quite well when his feet are clammy.

I think he will be mobile much sooner than Hazel was, although this is just a prediction

He loves baths and baby massages

Callum, 3 months old

He has such a sweet smile…

Happy Boy

And one more for the road…

Love this guy


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