We loaded up the fam and headed to Eau Claire Wisconsin for the week as Phillip is training a Missoula team in the nearby town of Chippewa Falls. Since Missoula Children’s Theatre pays for his travel and housing, the kids and I decided to tag along, hang out, and see the sights for the week.  

Yesterday, in the car, I jokingly told Phillip that “there better be a treasure to trash antique store where everything is a dollar…and a Target.”  Well guess what???  I can see a Target from our hotel parking lot and  as we drove into Chippewa Falls this morning to drop Phillip off, we passed an antique store with a sign posted out in front that said “everything in the basement- a dollar.”  I think it is going to be a good week.  Never mind the fact that the kids and I got lost for half an hour on our way back to the hotel and I ended up nursing and changing Callum in the back of the car while parked in some neighborhood while Hazel kept asking “Where is Target Mommy? I don’t see it.” … but that is all water under the bridge.  

Back to the antique store.  I know what you are thinking, it was a mirage… too good to be true, but no, it wasn’t.  After making my husband roll out of the car as we slowly drove past the venue we burnt rubber back to the shop. Every square inch of this shop was loaded with wonderful treasures from the past.  I was so overwhelmed I asked the owner to hold a few items so that I could come back with my husband so that he could watch the kids while I focus on the shopping.  Get this, the owner told me to just take the frame and art I had picked out (without paying) and come back tomorrow.  How nice is that??? Granted the two items I had were from the dollar basement, but still, nice trusting people do still exist!  (Smart on his part too cause he guarantees himself a return visit).  On our way out I found an old TV cabinet-BEAUTIFUL.  Lovely oak carvings and intricate detail, (it needs a little loving) but it would make a perfect kids bureau, hopefully I will be posting a picture soon announcing that it is MINE!  

the shop with the $1 sign out front!

Well we didn’t get the TV cabinet.  Upon returning to the shop and realizing that in order to fit it in our car we would have to sacrifice a passenger…or two, I Phillip decided it just wasn’t a logical choice.  Phillip did manage to find a night stand in the $1 category that I plan on painting and using in our guest room and I am pretty excited about that.  As usual,Hazel made the major haul finding a vintage trike and a reindeer and sleigh (don’t ask). Our grand total??? A whopping $5! 

Phillip wiping off the night stand while Hazel enjoys her new toy


We finally made it back to the hotel safe and sound.  LUCKILY I was in the general vicinity of the hotel and stopped at a Starbucks for directions…and then, of course had to order a drink… so as not to be rude  😉

Here are some pics from the pool at our hotel.  Hazel had a blast however, I think the temp was a tad too cold for Callum.  Every time Phillip would dip his foot in he would scream bloody murder.  

playing in the pool


She danced and sang around the pool deck


Callum's turn


right after his first encounter with the water


He preferred chilling to 



6 thoughts on “Cheese Heads for the Week-*updated*

  1. You need to invest in an inexpensive GPS, especially when you’re out alone with the babies, so you won’t end up in the “wrong” kind of neighborhoods:) Can’t wait to see more craftiness!

    • We actually have one Sauny but we accidentally crushed the charger in the door, so we have no way to power it at the moment. We need to find a place that sells replacement garmin chargers.


  2. aahhh sigh…its beautiful! I think we do need to live in a much closer vicinity to ditch our husbands and go “junking” together. Yes…junking is a verb in our house. And my children are pros at the “keep your hands in your pockets” in some stores!!!

  3. That store looked like my kind of place…..how fun! I’m a “table” kind of girl too. I don’t know what it is, but I love little tables that are different. I’ve gotten rid of most of mine due to all the down-sizing over the years but I’m picking up a round dining table from Brandon tomorrow. Haven’t figured out how or what color I will probably paint it to go in my red kitchen.

  4. Oh my gosh… Callum is getting SO BIG!!!!! I’m sad to think of how much he will grow before I see him next. Praying you get to miraculously make a trip to Australia…. Miss you guys. Hazel looks adorable as always.

    love your treasure finds!


  5. Callum is getting so big, and has the most adorable little smile! I just LOVE Hazel’s bathing suit! You’ve got a couple of adorable little ones Amanda!!!

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