my new favorite picture


We have been having a great time here in Northern Wisconsin.  The weather has been nice, the scenery is lovely, there is lots to do and the people are super friendly as well.  So far this week we have: gone to the zoo, a nature preserve, hiking, a kiddy water fountain play park, eaten at some really yummy places (including the ice cream shop downtown Chippewa Falls… 3 times!),  played in the pool every night (Hazel has gotten a lot braver and will now jump into daddy’s arms from the deck of the pool)… and have spent very little time sleeping.  I think Callum is teething and Hazel is just too exited to sleep.  She doesn’t fall asleep until close to 11 and is up at 4am to potty and chat.  Oh well, we have a chance to enjoy each day to its fullest since we see so many hours of it!  🙂

On the agenda today:  (according to Hazel) “Go to Target get a blue, red, yellow, orange bouncy ball and some band aids… eat fruit snacks…and go swimming when daddy comes back.”

Here are some more pics of this week’s activities:

P.S. The new header picture is what’s painted onto the front step of that cute coffee shop above.  I just loved it, words to live by.

3 thoughts on “More From Wisconsin

  1. Okay..I know this may be ignorant of me…but I just don’t get the header picture saying….am I losing my mind? I showed it to David too and he didn’t get it…please help the slow minded Criswells out 🙂

  2. hahaha, You are not slow minded, I took it out of context. it was on the front step of a coffee shop. You know like chai tea, chai kinda sounds like “try”, chai (try) not to trip, when entering the front door and stepping up. Does that make sense? It has nothing to do with the blog just that I love coffee and coffee shops and seeing that made me laugh.

  3. Too funny…both David and I thought it said chaL instead of Chai…definitely makes a ton more sense now 🙂

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