We loaded up and headed out of Wisconsin.  Parting was not such sweet sorrow as the last couple of days Hazel was SEVERLY sleep deprived, so you can imagine her behavior…tantrum central!  We were more than happy to head home and try to re-establish some kind of normal sleep schedule.  

loaded up and headed out!


Now we are back in chicago. Apparently there was a pretty severe storm while we were gone with winds up to 75mph.  Driving in was rather treacherous with lots of trees down and damage all over our neighborhood.  Luckily our little red brick house was unscathed and our Prius (which we had left in the driveway) didn’t have a scratch on it.  Mother nature must have appreciated our effort to be Green, haha.  

The first thing Hazel did when we got in the house (after finishing her lengthy car nap) was to take inventory of her toys.  She loaded every single thing she could cram and squeeze into our little umbrella stroller.  OCD much?

a packing masterpiece


and the back…

no room was spared


Well I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on that nightstand we picked up for $1 in Wisconsin. Let me tell you it went from drab to fab!  I love it!  Two coats of white paint and then I added a drawer pull we had lying around the house.  Total cost …still $1!!!

drab and dirty...



nice and neat!


the shelf was a bit bowed, but some heavy books did the trick 🙂



love it!


And in other news…..Today was our 5 years anniversary, Callum had his 3 month check up, Hazel tuned 2 and a half and our goldfish, Hazel, (named such by Hazel, our child) died, wheew.  It has been a busy time.  More to come on the kiddo’s big milestones soon!  But for now….



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