my love, my joy, my frustration……my two and a half year old.

Things Most memorable about this age so far

My baby is so many things…She has an independent spirit and a quirky sense of humor.  She is weird and cool, sweet and feisty, fragile yet strong all wrapped up in one.  Her personality so so vast and surprising. I cannot wait to see what kind of a person she becomes. She has challenged us tremendously and changed us for the better.  

Hair:  Anytime we go out she receives endless compliments on her hair, from both women and men.  Many people come out of their way to talk to us and when they find out her name is Hazel they usually make some comment like “how fitting.”  Then they proceed to ask where she got that gorgeous curl from (casue it couldn’t possibly have come from her wavy frizzy fro haired mother) and I gulp back the lump in my throat and say “my side” (darn you pregnancy hormones!) 

Potty Training:  She started going regularly in the big girl toilet about one month before Callum was born at about 25 months.  She has had maybe 3 accidents in the past 4 months and is now completely diaper free.  Although she does wake us up at 4am jjjjjjjjust about every morning for potty time.

Food: She is not a big fan of meat.  Especially ground beef.  I think we may have a little vegetarian on our hands because she loves beans and could live off of dairy ie: string cheese, yogurt, ice cream.  Fruits are no problem either, she loves strawberries and avocados.  Veggies…..not so much.

Stalling:  At this she is a true professional.  The bedtime stall has now officially been drug out to nearly two hours at times.  She makes several trips to the toilet, requires tissues, a drink (which only perpetuates the visits to the bathroom) and has endless excuses for needing to leave her room, some of my favorites:

“Mommy the pillow might fall off the bed”

“Mommy I am pinching my arm”

“Mommy what’s that” (upon hearing any noise of any kind)

“Mommy, my under-covers fell off” (ya think?!)

“Mommy my Elmo panties are on backwards”

….and the list goes on and on, these are the ones most fresh in my mind.

Motor: She can FINALLY jump.  We were so excited when her feet finally left the ground.  

Language: Speaking in full sentences?  How about paragraphs.  I fully believed she walked so late because she was more concerned with talking because that is all she does, NON STOP.  Something funny we have realized recently is if two words sound similar she uses them interchangedby ie: Sleeves is also her word for Leaves and visa versa.  She knows the difference between the two, but since they sound so similar she uses them both to mean the same things.  Here are some other examples:

The actual word or phrase                Hazel’s creation

Someone named, Mark                                    “Marker”

pool                                                                          “Cool”

McDonalds                                                   “Old McDoalds”

chameleon                                                          “mail man”

caramel                                                                “colorado”

lego                                                                         “mango”

water fountain                                                    “watermelon”

string cheese                                                  “Chuck-e-cheese”

costco                                                                    “costume”                                

Stats: No two and a half year check up but we snuck her on the scale, while at the doc for Callum’s 3 month check up, and she was 35lbs….we think.

Tantrums:  Lets just say she NEEDS her sleep.  If she is well rested, the world is a very happy place. If she isn’t…….

Clothes: She does not like dresses or skirts the only way she will wear them is with leggings, other wise she asks “Where did Hazel’s pants go?”

Monkey:  Still her best friend, then Dora (our dog)…Callum is a distant third.

4 thoughts on “2.5

  1. This is CRACKING me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously laughing out loud haha. The word comparison is priceless, I can’t wait until she gets older & you guys can look back on this and it will be hilarious!

  2. We’ll be sure to take videos when we get there, Mom. With Batman, here, and Little Miss Susie Homemaker. I’m sure the two of them will have riveting conversations. I’m afraid neither one will sleep while we’re there because we’ll have to endure the stalling tactics of the both of them. They are masters and together they will be an unstoppable rebel force. I love her word uses. Hilarious.

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