A well rested child is generally a happy child. And our happy, well rested and independent girl has begun picking out her own clothes.  Today she doned a dress!  With no influence from her mother at all and some tasteful cheetah bloomers.  

multiple patterns are in this summer

You may have noticed that I said well rested!!!  I mentioned yesterday we have emplyed the supernanny method at bedtime and dare I say….it is working????  Last night our usual three hour escaped was reduced to merely an hour with only 23 re-deposits into bed, however, to Hazel’s credit, after 14 she had been quiet for about ten minutes when a HUGE firework, more like explosion, sent her screaming into the hallway again.  So I don’t blame her for the last 9 get-ups…  Then Phillip an Dora went on a run hunt to find the culprits.  He is such a good daddy.  

Then nap time today was beautiful. I took her back to bed twice and found her sleeping, again, in the rocker minutes later! 

notice she took off the dress and put it on monkey

I can spy on her from the door...


aren't they cute when they are sleeping???


One thought on “Day 2-naptime in the rocker

  1. Loving the tight curl look Hazel was sporting in the rocking chair. I hope this is a good sign that the vacay is still on!???

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