The past few days Phillip has been working on landscaping our front yard (what little we have of one) and neighbors we have never even talked to before have come over to talk plant genus, wood chip choice and watering care.  It is funny how adding a few plants in front of your house can inspire such community in the neighborhood.  We actually found out that just three houses down the family has a baby about Callum’s age.  Everyone tends to keep to themselves here in this Chicago Suburb. Yard work has been a good opportunity to get to know some more neighbors!  

I have to give my husband props for his completely original yard art.  Although he is not modest AT ALL about how awesome it turned out.  In fact, he goes outside a few times a day just to admire it.  He even researched to find the perfect tree for the corner of the house.  We ended up planting a Lavender Twist.  Only one nursery in the area had one on hand (and reasonably priced) and it was only two blocks away from us!  Surely a sign that this would be the perfect tree.    I went and purchased it and they said they would deliver it for free since we were so close.  I came back and Phillip asked what time they would be coming and I said “Tomorrow morning.”  He said “but I waned to plant it tonight, I am taking the wheel barrow and picking it up.”  He was so excited to complete his masterful design.  He drove over and shortly I heard the sound of a cart raking across the road and sure enough it was my husband with 4 huge bags of mulch and a tree.  Coming around the corner….

he couldn't wait for it to be delivered so he went and got it himself

Here is a progression of our yard before Phillip’s handy work through to its completion yesterday evening.  

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